The Answer To All Of Your Writing Struggles

Responses poured in yesterday from new writers talking about how good it felt to hear they were already real writers. It put a huge smile on my face because empowering other writers to reach their potential is exactly what I want to do.

When I surveyed over 1000 of you guys a few weeks ago you told me your biggest writing struggles were:

  • Learning how to improve plot & outline a novel
  • Getting the tools you need to stay motivated and finish your first draft

When I read that these were your struggles I got excited because I used to struggle with the same exact things. I didn’t know how to outline my novel, I didn’t know how to create an awesome plot. I couldn’t muster up the motivation to get through a story, but after 15+ years of writing all of that changed.

My turning point came when I dedicated all of my time and energy to learning how to write and finish a great story.

I got serious about studying writing in 2015 and 1 year later everything I learned gave me the ability to finish my first two novels, revise the hell out of them, and send them into the world for publishing opportunities.

With those novels I was able to land my dream agents and am now on the cusp of my first publishing deal!

All of these transformations took me 1 year – I want your writing transformation to be even faster!

Since I got the results of your survey I’ve been busting my butt to create an awesome online masterclass that gives you everything you need to conquer your writing struggles, plot and outline an awesome novel, and get motivated to finish your book. After weeks of hard work the masterclass is finally ready and I can’t wait to share it with you!

In my free video training Your Page-Turning Plot I show you how to find your story, discover your characters, build your setting, and outline a novel in 7days or less.

With this step-by-step online masterclass you get all the tools, strategies, resources, support, and writing knowledge you need to outline a stellar novel that lets you finish your first draft.

I know not all of you have the time or resources to travel to writing conferences or enroll in expensive creative writing classes, so I wanted to bring the class straight to you – a class you can take at your own pace, your own comfort, and in your own living room!

You don’t have to spend years outlining a brilliant story and struggling to write the first draft, you just have to spend time in the right places to help you go from a story idea to a completed manuscript.

I forced myself to learn these techniques and strategies with my own stories, and I can’t wait to share these lessons with you.

When you enroll in Your Page-Turning Plot you get:

  • 5 modules of detailed breakdowns and guided step-by-step lessons on story refinement, character creation, world building, and plot outlining techniques that writing experts use
  • Downloadable workbooks, planners, worksheets, and templates to help you implement every lesson in your novel planning
  • Access to me and a community of other writers enrolled in the Your Page-Turning Plot masterclass and
  • Lifetime access and free updates on the course so you can use these techniques again and again with every story you write

(Already freaking out because you can’t wait to learn? Awesome – click here to check out the free sneak peak!)

This masterclass is your chance to get a refined story idea you can't wait to write, a detailed understanding of your story's characters, a completed outline of your novel, and a community of writers you can leverage as you continue your writing career.

And that’s not all – click here to check out the free class training!

So if you want to:

  • Stop messing with your writing dreams and make them a reality
  • Build a solid writing foundation you can use again and again and
  • Learn the strategies and techniques seasoned writers use to create their characters, build their story, and outline an incredible plot

This is the masterclass for you.

Ready to do this? Click here to check out the free sneak peek of Your Page-Turning Plot.

Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing case studies, blog posts, and some awesome sneak peaks about what’s in the class to give you a better picture about what you’ll get when you enroll. You’re going to get some good stuff, so be excited for the new writing info!

As always, feel free to contact me or write in the comments with any questions you might have! I love when I get to hear from you guys and want to know what you think!

Happy writing,


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Tomi Adeyemi

Tomi Adeyemi is the #1 NYT and International Best-Selling author of book and upcoming movie CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE.