Can You Start And Finish Your Book In Three Months?

How would it feel to outline your novel and write a book in the next 3 months?



The accomplishment of life-long dream?

That feeling is exactly what my first student Morgan just had.

Before I opened up my free video training to all of you, I held a trial run with 1 student to see how it would go. When Morgan joined Your Page-Turning Plot she had been trying to write a book for years. Using the strategies I teach in my premium training she was able to outline her novel in 13 days and finish her first book 2.5 months later.

Imagine what that would feel like, whether you're a brand new writer or have been trying to finish your book for years.

It only took Morgan 3 months! If you get the same tools and resources, think of how fast it could be for you!

Morgan was awesome enough to share a testimonial of her experiences with me, and now I want to share that testimonial with you:

Morgan Sherlock, Satire Fiction Writer

Morgan Sherlock, Satire Fiction Writer

Your-Page Turning Plot gave me the techniques and confidence I needed to take my spark of an idea and turn it into a full-fledged, publishing-worthy novel. Tomi’s expertise and encouraging attitude not only made the writing process less intimidating, it allowed me to have a great time creating my story with every new lesson she taught.

Writing has always been a little overwhelming for me. I’ve tried (and failed) many times with my own writing process because I simply couldn’t figure out a plan. Tomi’s masterclass not only gave me the easy-to-follow plan I needed, it also pushed me to take my story further than I ever imagined it could go.

I’ve tried a lot of writing resources over the years, but none compare to this. With structured workbooks, checklists, Tomi’s own tried writing tips, and her hands-on, guided approach, Finish Your First Draft embraces the dynamic, personal, and difficult process of writing and gives you the trustworthy education you need to make your dream novel a reality. I’m extremely grateful because this class didn't just give me a finished draft, it gave me new skills that will continue to shape me as a writer.

I am so excited about Morgan’s amazing results and can’t wait for my future students to have the same.

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Alright, that's it for today. I'll see you in the course!

Can't wait for the day you’re the one writing to let me know you've finally finished your book.

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Tomi Adeyemi

Tomi Adeyemi is the #1 NYT and International Best-Selling author of book and upcoming movie CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE.