Disclaimer: This course only works if you do. It teaches you the skills, strategies, and techniques for novel outlining success and it gives you clear workbooks, worksheets, and checklists to outline your novel. But at the end of every day, it's up to you to follow through with the work, both in planning your novel and powering through the first draft.

These methods have worked for me and my clients, but I cannot make you complete the lessons and activities in this course. I can only guarantee that if you implement these techniques and faithfully complete the lessons, you will leave this course with a detailed and structured outline to write the first draft of your novel.

This is not a short cut or a scheme - It's an opportunity for you to get a structured approach to outlining your first novel. 

If you show up, commit, and actively participate in this courseyou'll get the tools you need to finally finish the first draft of your novel and take a crucial step in making your writing dreams a reality.