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This is the exact system I use to outline and plot all of my stories. Using the techniques I'm about to teach you, I was able to plot, write, and edit a new book in 2 months that beat out 1,800 other books in a top writing competition and landed me my dream agents!

Learn how to plot page-turning stories in your sleep in 3-easy videos!

This Free Training Will Teach You:


Video #1

  • What story structure is
  • Why you need it
  • What the Oscar-winning story structure is
  • How you can apply that story structure to your novel

Video #2

  • How to plot Act I of your novel
  • How to plot Act II of your novel
  • How to plot Act III of your novel

Video #3

  • How to master plot and take everything you've learned to the next level

This system has already helped other writers!

i cannot recommend this TRAINING highly enough!

"I loved this course! I decided to try it out with an idea I'd been playing around with for 5-6 years, but I could never see an ending. After only a few days I had a clever, fun story full of cliffhangers and plot twists! I can't stress the direction & excitement this course put back into my writing!"

- Sorcha Brown, Fiction Writer


"I don't have much time since I'm a double major in college, but right now these videos are the only thing I look forward to. They're amazing! Suddenly I'm working through the plot structure of a book I've been stuck with for four years! So thank you! Thank you, thank  you, thank you!"

- Bára Jurková, Fiction Writer

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Tomi gave me the easy-to-follow plan i needed!

"Writing has always been a little overwhelming for me. I've tried (and failed) many times with my own writing process because I simply couldn't figure out a plan. Tomi's masterclass not only gave me the easy-to-follow plan I needed. It also pushed me to take my story further than I ever imagined it could go."

- Morgan Sherlock, Satire Fiction Writer

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