I kept getting stuck

I know you've been there. You get an awesome idea for a story, your mind is exploding with inspiration, you hit the keyboard, and 50 pages later you're typing "..."

I did this for five years. Every time I started a new book at some point I hit a wall. No matter how hard I tried or how long I waited, my story had nowhere to go. And when I couldn't figure out where to go I moved onto the next idea. "This one will be the winner. This one I'll be able to finish." 5 unfinished books and 1,000 pages later I decided that was never going to happen.

I knew I wanted to be a writer, but I also knew that would never happen if I couldn't finish one story.

So what changed?

I buckled down and learned from the best. I read books, talked to authors, took classes at Harvard University, went to writers' conferences, studied my favorite books, movies, and television shows. I learned everything I could to figure out how to turn cool ideas into incredible stories.

Instead of just hitting the keyboard when I got a new idea I created a process that would let me outline a stellar plot before I wrote the first page. I created the road map and motivation I needed to stop messing around and finally finish my novel.